Quit Your Job and Take a Chance

Hi guys,

Welcome to my first post.

This blog will be something different, an honest, warts and all blog that I wish I could read before launching into the world of starting your own business. 

Some of you know that I and have recently made a huge life change and have thrown caution to the wind and have a a crack at my own thing.

I am a mum to 4 year old Duke that had a crazy busy job of heading up Roxy for Asia Pacific that took me away for 4months this year, travelling to the USA, France, Hong Kong, Bali, Japan multiple times.

It has been amazing seeing the world and learning the global market and having an amazing wardrobe and sneaker collection but it has come at a personal cost.

I have missed out on a whole term of swimming lessons. Constantly living out of a suitcase, time zone adjustments, being sick constantly, airport runs at 4am and customs guys knowing my name. Long haul flights in economy just became hard work -juggling sleeping tablets and making sure I retrieved lost baggage I had left on previous flights.

Hell-In one mission I did 14 flights in 21 days with Bronchitis. I was constantly sick on trips and also when I got home. Immune system has been worked.

SO I  resigned from my stressful job with the support of my amazing partner and my close friends and family.

I have two projects going. The main one is the swimwear label Neontide with my business partner Jen. She is an amazing designer and we have previously worked together, she is the most talented designer i have worked with.

Jen and I share a passion for prints,swim and all things amazing. We are launching Neontide in July next year so this blog will also be a story of this emerging brand we are building. Follow us @neontideswimear and

So Love Collective is the side project I have to help Neontide come to life. 

This online store is to keep me busy and help fund my dream of starting my own brand and working with talented people to create amazing product that everyone loves.

I have so much support and its been amazing. Hopefully this blog will inspire anyone who is thinking about doing what I have just done the power to make change.

Im excited to share this scary and exciting experience to hopefully give insights into what its like to quit your job and start up a brand...well actually 2!!

                                                              x Soph x 




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