WOW.....Kaftan production was amazing!

Hi LC followers,

I am just back from my first kaftan production trip in Indonesia to meet my supplier and source new trims, materials and to put my designs into work.

I have really been taken back by how special the experience was.

My supplier, like me, is a working mum. She has set up an office and factory on her street in a small Indonesian village so that she can be close to her family, friends and to support her local people where possible.

I have changed the business philosophy slightly. I will not be repeat buying kaftan best sellers, I am going to drive a "once its gone its gone" . This means that the pieces you buy will be pretty individual, they are not mass produced, many of them have trims that are all attached by hand, they are truly designed, and made, with "Love". Love by me, making sure the product looks right and caters for all my customer needs, and Love by my supplier and her very small team.

Together we are creating jobs, direction and supporting a local village and local families. Working in a small business like this, meeting the people that count is critical for me and my ethics.

I visited fabric suppliers, trim suppliers as well as met the people making the kaftans and kimonos, each and everyone of them was as passionate about their role in Love Collective products as myself. I am so happy and so fortunate to be able to create products with so much love, creativity and determination to please.

I am now awaiting new kaftan and kimono samples and shapes, as well as some new kaftan prints. I would like to update you that there will be a focus on bringing basics back too. I will keep you posted with stock as it arrives and some sneak peaks of newness too. 

Thank You for shopping with Love Collective for your individual kaftans that are truly made with Love



A few images; trim shopping, beautiful green surroundings, and amazing fan shaped palms, carrying trims on heads walking upstairs, and market day!

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